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Entrepreneurship is...."the passion to innovate and grow".*

Entrepreneurs must wear multiple hats as they face an array of daily business challenges, including varying demand, process and quality consistency, waste elimination, customer service, employee training and retention, marketing, cost control, cash flow, and daily leadership.


We have hands on entrepreneurial ownership experience so we clearly understand the business challenge of balancing conflicting priorities. We enable the adoption of strategic principles to start-ups, embryonic ventures, and established small businesses to drive and improve business results.  In addition, we advise business owners seeking an exit.

Business Investment & Acquistion

We also make make highly selective private equity investments in focused business areas.  Typically our investments are for a controlling interest in the business venture where we take a hands on leadership approach, although we do consider minority share positions for hyper growth opportunities.  


Targeted areas of investment interest include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Light manufacturing

  • High value added services

  • Technology development

  • High volume consumer businesses

  • Commercial real estate


* J. Hopkins 2001

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